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Lights, Camera, Action! AB Roll

AB rolling and AB-roll editing have made their marks in television production. These methods of filming and editing have mostly been utilized because of their speed in the editing process, but they are not known for their accuracy. AB rolling employs the use of two source VTRs to cut between two sources of film. AB-roll editing is a process that combines various sources of footage together with transition effects. These two methods can be used together to edit footage with speed.

In order to increase the accuracy of AB rolling, it is important that the two sources of video be synchronized by their time code. This way, when the videos are edited together, the soundtrack remains synchronized with the way the actors’ or singers’ lips are moving. With this method, one source of video can take long and medium shots while the other video source takes short close-up shots. The switcher acts as the live editing system that can switch between A video and B video.

AB-roll editing is more precise than AB rolling and therefore takes more time to complete. In AB-roll editing the use of an edit controller is implemented instead of a switcher. One advantage of AB-roll editing is that you can access two different sources of material instead of just one. Because of this, there is a greater variety of transitions to choose from, creating a unique arrangement of video clips and angles. The edit controller in this method has many different tasks to perform. It responds to edit-in and edit-out points for both A and B VTR and for record VTR. Also, the edit controller tells the VTR when to start recording. Not only that, it tells the switcher what transition to perform and when. Assuming that this method works properly without a hitch, the editing and video creating process with AB-roll editing should be fairly smooth.


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